As a young boy I remember standing in front of my father’s immense record collection, it stretched from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. I challenged myself to listen to every single one of those damn records from A to Z. As you can imagine, I discovered The Beatles, Bowie and Dylan pretty early, but I was quite late to the Waits and Zappa parties. 

Later on, as I began to discover my own musical identity, it was the indie-folk scene that fired up my creativity. Songwriters like Steve Malkmus and Jeff Tweedy who could blend surprising lyrics with experimental sonic quality. I have always been drawn to songs that frame a rich atmosphere and then let a story unfold within it. That is what I always set out to achieve.

Multiple twists in the road have taken me on a journey from London, through Paris and finally to Amsterdam. I've had the same acoustic guitar on my back for the whole adventure and we must have written hundreds of songs together. I have no doubt we will write hundreds more.